SaimaaCamps are fun, creative, authentic and safe. School Camps are a balanced combination of fun and learning for children of all over the world.   

School Camps are organized mainly in Southern Karelia, but the program may include a visit to St. Petersburg, Sweden, Estonia or even in Lapland.

 Finland is often listed as the safest country in the world. A clean and safe environment, a versatile program with professional instructors is a guarantee for a successful camp school.



We all have evolved from nature. Nature feeds our mind and body. Nature can teach us many things, in many fun ways.


Health and happiness

Body and mind well-being affects everything. We want to guide and motivate people for holistic health and happiness.


Sport is also our core competence. You can practice traditional Finnish sports together with local youth and children. The South Karelia region offers great opportunities for diverse sports activities in summer and winter.