We organize camp schools around three main themes, nature, well-being and sports. All programs have a strong educational perspective. With us you will find that learning can be really fun. We cooperate with several schools from pre-school to university. 

In addition to the main themes, we offer a variety of interesting activities. 


The very clean nature of South Karelia offers a wide range of activities. It is easy and safe to move in the forests and the water of Saimaa even in some places is drinkable.


Fishing in the past was one of the most important ways to get food. Nowadays it is a serious hobby for many. Fishing is fun and lets you learn how to focus and be attentive. The caught fish itself always tastes the best.


South Karelia's clean forests are full of different healthy foods. Together we collect seasonal wild foods and learn how to cook them. You will also learn to preserve them, so you can take something home as a gift

Survival skills

Have you ever wondered how people built houses a long time ago? Or how to make fire without matches? Orienteering is also an important skill in nature.


In nature you can move in many different ways. Walking in the woods is great for singing birds. With a canoe you are almost in contact with the lake.

Vaihtele sisältöä


The mind and body are strongly interconnected and both need training. With a balanced and correct practise, you can be much happier.


Health Mind

There are many ways you can influence the quality of life. However, everything starts with your own thoughts. Unpleasant thoughts come sometimes to your mind but they can be learned to deal with.

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Health Body

Physical activity is very important for human health. You don't always have to go to the gym, you can practice almost anywhere. And best of all, it can be fun!


Sport is also our core competence. You can practice traditional Finnish sports together with local youth and children. The South Karelia region offers great opportunities for diverse sports activities in summer and winter.


Team Sport

In Finland, team sports are very popular. In addition to traditional sports, Finland has unique sports that you can try out.

Individual Sport

South Karelia has diverse conditions for individual sports. We organize fun competitions with professional guidance.

Winter Sport

Ukonniemi area in Imatra offers an professional level conditions for winter sports. Snow is stored thorough summer and The longest first snow ski track in Southern Finland is opened in October.